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CHOA 2010 Falcons Ornaments Now Available


If any of you remember my posts from this time last year and the year before, I highly advocate the yearly Atlanta Falcons-Children's Healthcare of Atlanta drive. I buy at least one ornament every year. They're $14.98 and benefit CHOA. Great, great cause. Each ornament comes with a "surprise original signature" aka autograph on the back. I highly suggest you check it out. It's delivered to you via USPS mail and the turnaround is very quick. 

That is, however, unless someone steals it. Indeed, I found the envelope in my mailbox today and it felt surprisingly flimsy. Upon opening it, all I found was an empty bubblewrap slipcase and a just-big-enough-to-fit-the-ornament-through hole in the side of the envelope. Someone in the USPS mailing process had apparently seen the autograph enclosed and decided it would look much better on their tree than mine.

I'm not asking that person, should they be reading this, to feel sorry for what they did and I don't plan on pressing any charges or storming my local post office spitting mad. I am, however, going to ask them- no, beg them - to please match or double the donation I made. So, if you're reading this and you're currently owning a Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, or Mike Smith auto'd 2010 Falcons ornament that you didn't donate for, PLEASE follow the link above and make a $15 to $30 dollar donation.