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Friday Falcons Injury Report: Antone Smith Doubtful

Lot of names on the injury report this week.

Given the wear and tear of an NFL season, it's inevitable that the list will lengthen as we dive into the second half of the season. Fortunately, most of these are probable. Unfortunately, at least one important player is listed as questionable.

That's called building suspense, folks. After the jump, I'll give you a brief breakdown.

John Abraham, Groin, Q: Abe has participated in limited practices the last two days, so your guess is as good as mine here. The Falcons desperately need their top pass rusher against the Packers, because Aaron Rodgers will eviscerate them if they can't muster decent pressure.

Curtis Lofton, Knee, P: Lofton will play. He's clearly got a nagging knee injury, but it would have to get worse to keep The Police off the field.

Corey Peters, Rib, P: Nothing significant enough to keep him out of the game. Peria Jerry is the superior pass rusher, so he may get additional reps this week anyways.

Shann Schillinger, Head, Q: Shann's been used sparingly as a special teams helper, and the team may take it easy with him this week. If one of our safeties goes down, Erik Coleman should be available to step in.

Antone Smith, Hamstring, D: Might as well be out. Smith hasn't done much this season and is in danger of becoming a regular inactive if Gartrell Johnson can do anything in his stead. No lock, since Michael Turner and Jason Snelling dominate carries.

Eric Weems, Pectoral, P: Weems will play. The Falcons need him as a returner, if nothing else.

Roddy White, Knee, P: Practice fully on Friday and will look to dominate the Packers.