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A Look At The Falcons Red Zone Performance: Weeks 10 And 11

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Let's keep up this funky red zone boogie, shall we? Helps to shake off the miasma of a narrow Saints win on Thanksgiving. Bah humbug.

So first, let's hit up the Baltimore Ravens game. By my extremely sophisticated calculations, the Falcons made it to the red zone only twice all game. Yes, this game was that bizarre, with the Falcons scoring most of their points from a ways away or screwing up their scoring chances. In those two scoring drives, the Dirty Birds managed a touchdown and a field goal, for an average of five points a trip. Not excellent, but not bad, and we're talking a very small sample size.

Fast forward a week to the St. Louis Rams game and the story's a little different. In this one, the Falcons had three field goals and two touchdowns in five trips to the red zone, and one field goal just outside that range. In those five chances, then, we have an aggregate average of 4.2 points per trip. Which....actually isn't all that great. At all. Little too much settling for field goals for my taste.

The Falcons were doing better than this very recently and they still managed to score tons of points, so I may be overstating the problem here. I would appreciate it if they could close on a few more touchdowns in the red zone this week against the Packers, though. For my peace of mind.