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Regarding the Nike Falcons Uniform Hullabaloo

I know there's been a lot of "OMG IS IT FAKE OR NOT" discussion about that Pro Combat "mock up" that's been circulating our fanposts and, weirdly enough, the Baltimore Sun's forums (apparently a reliable source of info now?!). Well, I'm here today to shock, appall, and amaze you. Follow the jump for the reveal of what you'll likely be seeing on the field come 2012, should the labor tiff be resolved by then







These look a little familiar? Yes, they are made with the same template that the forum user from the Baltimore Sun used to do his "mock up." I only added a couple of things, fitting our uniform's current look into the Pro Combat's unique cut (aka the way it's sewn); that's why there's a different colored tubing going into the collar on the away jersey. Also, the Pro Combat system likes those little "half sleeve" under-shirts and has designs on those half sleeves. I used those to add a wing concept to the normal home/away and a continuation of the 1966 sleeve (a stripe like that on the sock back in the day) much like the current Oregon State 2010 Pro Combat uniform.

It didn't take me long to do these. If you've got photoshop, you can mess around with the uniform too. Want it? It's made by DeviantArt user RezlandClick here to download the template. Keep in mind that you need Photoshop to actually read and edit the file.