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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: One Falcon To Watch Is Sean Weatherspoon

Every week before the Falcons game, I'll be selecting one player to keep an especially close eye on. This week, it's linebacker Sean Weatherspoon.

Sean Weatherspoon picked one hell of a game to return to the field.

The Mouth of the South is one of the team's most valuable young players, but he's been held out thanks to injury the last several weeks. Now he returns just in time to take on the St. Louis Rams, a team that features human Panzer tank Steven Jackson and a team that loves passing in the range of linebackers. It'll be a challenge.

Given the quality play of Stephen Nicholas as 'Spoon's replacement, it wouldn't be surprising if the rookie needs to hit the ground running in order to keep his hold on the starting job. The Falcons know 'Spoon is the future at the position, but they've shown this season that they won't hold the status quo just because guys are young and promising. I don't think it's a stretch to suggest that 'Spoon's doesn't have an iron grip on the starting job.

But he'll have plenty of chances to prove himself in all facets of the game, if he plays. Which he will. I guarantee it. Stop Jackson? 'Spoon has to do that. Stop receivers streaking across the middle of the field? 'Spoon has to do that. Make a mean pork osso bucco? 'Spoon doesn't have to do that.

Keep a close eye on Weatherspoon.