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Saturday Six Pack: Rolling the Rambling Rams Realistically While Relinquishing Our Rights to Rollover Edition 11/20/10

I love this image. I really do.
I love this image. I really do.

Hey guys. As you know, we face the Rams this week in their house. I think we'll win, but I think they'll play us tough. They're well coached, but so are we, and we're the better talent right now. Also, today I'll be playing my first organized game of football in three years. Hopefully that'll go well and I won't return with Jamal Anderson stories.

With that said, let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'! The ever-reliable Pat Yasinskas did not come through for me this week, so I'd like to start with the Hick'ry Stick Award on Roddy White has been voted the MVP of the second quarter of the season by the people over at the Falcons Life board, and this is a neat little video.

DOL: Thankfully, DOL came through for me this week, leaving my usual front page tandem at one out of two. In baseball, that's legendary status. DOL provides us with a look at John Madden's Top O-Line of the Week. It just so happens to be our Falcons! Also, DOL writes a story about how the Falcons success and Vick's success are intertwined. It's a good read, so don't pull your hair out. I think the Falcons respect Vick, but they're glad he's gone. Why some fans continue to cling to his you-know-what is beyond me, though. Also, ex-Falcon Grady Jackson is under arrest for stealing a watch. For shame.

Reuters: Simon Evans of Reuters writes here about how the Falcons are continuing to fly under the radar despite recent success. This is a good read from a different perspective on the Falcons.

Fort Gordon: The Signal: Here is a good article from Vince Krajcir of The Signal from Fort Gordon that talks about how the Falcons invited many military men and women to participate in the flag ceremony and watch the game against the Ravens. I love it when teams do something like this and boy, they were given a dandy of a game. Great story.

Falcons Locker: I found this Falcons blog while browsing the Internet, and now I'm essentially telling you all about it. It's been around for a few years, so you know whoever is running it is keeping up with it. Check it out!

Random Funny: This image. That is all.

I can't wait til the game on Sunday. I might actually get to see it on TV this time!! Here's to hoping we blow them out and decide not to have a heart attack this week!