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Sean Weatherspoon Poised To Return For The Falcons

The Falcons' oft-injured and quite talented rookie linebacker is apparently making his return Sunday against the St. Louis Rams, if the new depth chart can be believed.

It's a timely return for 'Spoon, who many Falcons fans already consider a key to the defense despite Stephen Nicholas proving to be a solid option outside. With Sam Bradford dealing passes and Steven Jackson running like the battering ram he is, it can't hurt to have back one of the most energetic and agile players on the defense. In many ways, he's already the most well-rounded of our linebackers.

It's also good news because I was beginning to worry that 'Spoon was never coming back. He rested for the bye week and promptly missed the next two games, and it was fair to wonder if his rehabilitation has ground to a halt. If all goes well and he's out there on Sunday, I'd like to think we'll have a healthy Weatherspoon the rest of the way. Opponents, fear for your ears and your weary bones!

Oh! And for those interested in the ultimate fate of Michael Palmer, he's sitting behind Justin Peelle on the current depth chart. He'll get his chance to make a bigger impact in 2011, but for now he's probably relegated to a handful of catches and a slightly larger handful of snaps for the rest of the season.