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Who Powered Through: Curtis Lofton Is A Tough One

This is a sponsored post.

Curtis Lofton is a familiar name on the team's weekly injury reports.

It seems our star linebacker is banged up, beat up, smacked up and screwed up nearly every week thus far in 2010, and yet there he is each and every gameday, wreaking the familiar havoc that Curtis Lofton so loves. It's consistency you can count on.

I've been impressed by the number of players who have returned early from injury or powered through it—Roddy White's sheer dominance against the Ravens despite his aches springs readily to mind—but it's especially gratifying to see one of the defense's quiet leaders doing it. Lofton hasn't putting up eye-popping numbers in 2010, but he's a tackling machine and every running back's worst nightmare when he gets a head of steam. Doing so with a host of minor leg injuries? More points from me!

So our sponsor likes Lofton. Got a player you think deserves credit for gritting it out?