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Atlanta Falcons Vs. St. Louis Rams: Here Comes Mardy Gilyard

You better believe it, bros: after a bizarre offseason-long Falcoholic fascination with the possibility of drafting the Cincinnati Bearcats WR, we'll finally get our first helping of Mardy Gilyard on Sunday.

He has six career catches, with one of them fumbled away, and he hasn't even been targeted in like two or three weeks. He was running back a kick or two per game for a while though that got nipped in the bud, so I'm not sure how much of a helping this will be, but still.

Turf Show Times says Mardy has been slow to pick up the offense, which is impossible. Who could forget his workout in Flowery Branch, when he diagrammed the Atlanta Falcons offense from memory despite never having seen a Falcons game? (Gilyard did not actually work out in Flowery Branch. Wherever he is at any moment is renamed Flowery Branch.)

Whether he plays both offense and defense or just quarterback, we're excited about the challenge of stopping Mardy Gilyard this Sunday.