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Falcons Tight End Justin Peelle Returns To Practice Field

Will Justin Peelle return to a job?

It's not the most important question in the world, considering Peelle is a backup and all. Still, it's a relevant one, with William Moore having swiped the starting strong safety job from Erik Coleman when Coleman missed time earlier this season. Might the same happen with Michael Palmer and Peelle?

It'll be a situation to monitor, assuming Peelle continues his quick recovery and is able to suit up for the Falcons against the Rams. Peelle offers solid blocking and pass-catching skills, but Palms of Fury has flashed ability to do both in his limited playing time the last couple of weeks. It's another new guy meets veteran situation, and I'm not sure the vet wins out in this one.

Regardless, it'll be nice to have Peelle back. Any thoughts from you guys and girls?