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Falcoholics United Fantasy League Update

Not my fantasy savior.
Not my fantasy savior.

Months ago, twelve courageous readers and writers from The Falcoholic got together with one dream. That dream? To kick one another's butts in fantasy football.

Unfortunately, only one of the four writers participating in the mighty Falcoholics United league by CBS Sports is actually doing anything. The rest of us stink. The good news is that our readers have proven themselves much more intelligent than us in this arena, so it's still a a competitive league.

After the jump, check out the rundown.

The Bartkowskis Division

Leader: Auto Win Button, 5-3-2

Caleb Rutherford heads up the Autos, who began the season undefeated but have suffered a bit of a backslide since then. He's up by a hair on GilyardsGoneWild, the owner of a 6-4 record. It should be a dogfight for the division.

Writer Rank: WAKKA Flacco Flame, 2-7-1

Jason Kirk has a well-documented dislike of his own fantasy team, which I keep forgetting to change the name of. As a direct result of the automatic drafting that gave him a bunch of crappy old guys, he's in the divisional basement after losing this week to this week to the team clogging up the basement of the Nobises Division. More on that later.


The Humphreys Division

Leaders: Silent Rage, 8-2

Reader randy guidry is owning the league right now thanks to a healthy dose of luck. He's 100 points behind the scoring leader, but he also has the fewest points scored against him. That said, he'd have to collapse completely not to win the division, as PApredatorsB is clinging to a winning record like Tom Hanks to driftwood. 

Writer Rank: Gunless Gunfighters, 2-7-1

Adam Schultz presides over this wonderfully putrid team. Injuries and ineffectivness have crippled his roster this year. He's in a dogfight for the cellar with Alpha and the Omeganauts

The Nobises Division

Leader: #2 is Better than #1, 8-2

Reader Jeff S has the scoring leader and is looking to repeat after beating our collective asses in last year's fantasy league. With the way his team is playing, he's got to be feeling confident right now. 

Writer Rank: Falcoholic Reunion Tour, 4-6-0

This is a pretty competitive division, but I'm still the one lagging behind. My two keeper league teams are firmly in the playoff hunt at the moment, but I can't find traction in this league and Ray Rice and Shonn Greene continue to bitterly disappoint me on a weekly basis. Oh well. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts relating to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.