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Tweets of the Game: ATL vs BALT

Cold Blooded!  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Cold Blooded! (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It's only fitting that an epic game has some of the most epic tweets. Enjoy, and continue basking in the 7-2 glow.

Baker gets beat for a sack. AJC Falcons

That's a huge flag! Happy vets day peeps! Pumped up! MagicFalcon

3rd and 17, Ryan to White for a Falcons... FIRST DOWN!!! #atlbal10 FemFalconFan

It is quite loud in the Georgia Dome. And they clearly love them some Roddy White here. RichEisen

Mularkey needs to exploit the white-webb matchup. ALL NIGHT LONG DirtyBird4life

GREAT STAND! DirtyBird4life

#Falcons are still in their no-huddle attack. AJCFalcons

Announcer says #Falcons O line is not athletic!?! Gimme a break. AtlantaPeaches

Great stop by Moore!!!! C'mon D!! Poppa_Falcon

#Falcons not giving Flacco enuff time to throw deep! MagicFalcon

Brian Van Gorder's moustache just headbutted an off-duty cop in a Statesboro bar. IACGodfrey

That #Falcons "Get On The Bus" commercial is pretty damn cool. EdGrohl

Quick passes is the only way to beat this blitz!! #Falcons Dreman1731

#Falcons really need to get the run game going! These #Ravens WILL make adjustments to that 90% passing attack! MagicFalcon


Here we go. let's see a crooked number on the scoreboard Skoob0211

Ravens defense left Jason Snelling wiiiiiiiiide open. 6-0 Falcons! TheFalcoholic

Future HOF Ed Reed getting run over! Nice Nike sign on your face! MagicFalcon

I just jumped so high hit head on ceiling and kicked drink off desk what a mess...well worth it....SNELLINGGGGGG jtfalcons804

If anyone has ever doubted Matt Ryan.. That drive was all him. He's the truth folks! Conceptual23

End-arounds kill us! Ravens watched eagle tape! MagicFalcon

The USS Babineaux has only two gears: "Full speed ahead" and "destroy everything that ever lived." TheFalcoholic

Matt Ryan proving why he got picked before Flacco! MagicFalcon

WIRED ! @coywire comes up with the ball! #Falcons AtlantaPeaches

#Falcons recover the football...nice forced fumble by Finneran 790TheZone

Nice announcing, Theisman and Theisman's friend. Didn't even mention a fumble until the punter wandered into the pile. Jason__Kirk

Brian Finneran isn't aware that first and second down exist. TheFalcoholic

Why can we not run?? KAChilds

I don't want to say this announcing team is awful, but the most intelligent thing I've heard all night is the roar of the crowd. TheFalcoholic

Michael Turner is running slower than Joe Theisman's neurons are firing. TheFalcoholic

Matt Bryant drills it. Falcons will go into halftime up by 10, lord willing. TheFalcoholic

Mike Koenen has boomed two kickoffs deep into the endzone. That's how you help out the k.o. coverage unit. AJCFalcons

1st half MVP-------> Brian Van Gorder. Poppa_Falcon

Highlight of the first half has to be watching Jason Snelling shake off Dawan Landry like Lindsay Lohan kicks off a parole bracelet. TheFalcoholic

And to start the half The Predator @johnabraham55 with the sack!!! FemFalconFan

THE PREDATOR!!! @johnabraham55 AND @BGrimes20 YEAHHHHHH CBSpriggs

If we don't get Grimes in the probowl something is wrong DREdwards25

Ravens are learning what the rest of the NFC South already knew: the Dome is a wood chipper that used to be painted pink/teal. Jason__Kirk

The Falcons are about as balanced offensively as a 400-pound, one-legged gymnast. TheFalcoholic

Bryant lines up for a 51-yd FG, and boots it through with about 5 yards to spare. With 12:51 in 2nd, Falcons lead 13-0. Atlanta_Falcons

I vaguely recall my preseason anxiety over field goals...Matt Bryant is MONEY!! KAChilds

Don't think for a second the Ravens will abandon the run. FalconsDLevak

Damn that reverse again!! Come on. Stop in red zone. KAChilds

Have any of these announcers pronounced a name correctly, aside from Matt Ryan's? It's VANCE Walker. Not Matt. TheFalcoholic

The Falcons strike again, allowing a TD to the Ravens. Awesome. FalcoholicZippo

Tonite is 2nd time in Grimes' career he's had back-to-back games w/picks. He also had INT in each of last 2 games of '09 season. Atlanta_Falcons

Baker gives up another sack, his second of the game. AJCFalcons

Falcons have got to learn to put teams away. They dont have that killer instinct. Wombat9195

Biermann just popped open a cold one! Wow, what a hit on Flacco. FalconsDLevak

"Matt Ryan looks comfortable all the time," Theisman said. That might have to do with the loveseat he brings on the field with him. TheFalcoholic

That was a damn good pass on the run. Dreman1731

Clean hit! I ain't gonna cry! Thanks for holding on to the ball Roddy! MagicFalcon

Dear Ravens, never stop grabbing faces. TheFalcoholic

When the Falcons win, that facemask on Suggs will be the official Ravens message boards AW REFS GAVE GAME AWAY moment. Jason__Kirk

No matter what your religion is, you must now accept Roddy White as your god! EdGrohl

I kinda thought the heart monitors were aimed at finding out if Roddy White is actually human. TheFalcoholic

DAMN!!! Need at LEAST another #fg now. Poppa_Falcon

I feel like i'm gonna puke. I know Ravens are good but I would like more than 6 pt lead. KAChilds

Oh look, my left ventricle collapsed. Again. TheFalcoholic

Bloody beeping hell. Dont lose this!! KAChilds

Michael Jenkins, I love you. Unconditionally. TheFalcoholic

Hot DAMN I love the #Falcons!!! Keleland

TOUCHDOWN !!!!!! #FALCONS Dreman1731

HOLY. SHIT!!!! RODDY WHITE TD!!!!!!! EdGrohl

ATLANTA!!! RISE UP!!!!!!! FalconsJAdams

IT'S PANDEMONIUM IN THIS PLACE! Ryan hits White for a 33-yard score with 20 seconds left. Falcons regain lead! Atlanta_Falcons

My hand is bleeding from punching the floor like a crackhead.....RISE UP!!!!!!!....I can't breathe or see jtfalcon804

My #Falcons are the best team in the #NFL! Don't care what anyone says! MagicFalcon

Matt Ryan is so damn COLD BLOODED atljbo22

You will never see a game like this again. Falcons fans, we just rose the hell up! TheFalcoholic

Matt Ryan is going to be the talk of the sports world tomorrow!!! APixels

Roddy White was questionable before game. It was questionable as to whether he'd be superhuman or inhuman. htpalmer