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Saturday Six Pack: Relaxing Week Edition 11/13/10

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Matty Ice has earned his fictional six pack of this beverage here on this fine weekend.
Matty Ice has earned his fictional six pack of this beverage here on this fine weekend.

Hey guys, I actually forgot today was Saturday since the Falcons played the other night, and I almost passed out in my bed without doing this. Thankfully, I remembered before it was too late! Phew...

That being said, we're fresh off of a victory to the talented Baltimore Ravens, who gave us quite a game there up to the very last play. Kudos to them for hanging around, but the greater amount of kudos go to us this week for hanging tough and not giving up.

Now with all that out of the way, let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

Pat Yasinskas: The ever-reliable Pat Yasinskas writes here about how the Falcons rose up to the occasion twice on Thursday night. This is a good read, and I think even Pat might be starting to drink the kool-aid. I approve.

DOL: The other always reliable, pre-jump man D. Orlando Ledbetter writes here about what the players were saying after the game, and he also writes about a Q & A session with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell here.

Yahoo! Sports: Yahoo's Chris Chase writes here about how Roddy most definitely committed OPI on his final TD catch Thursday night. I tell ya, he takes a lot of what Roddy said and spins it in a really fun (not fun) way. I can't say that I approve.

Fox Sports South: John Manasso of FSS writes here that the Falcons win over the Ravens cements the Falcons in 'Elite' status. That thought just makes me giggle like a little girl. Falcons. Elite. Hehehe. This is a good read.

USA Today: Scott Zucker of the USA Today writes a neat little article here about the Falcons now being 7-2 and simply being able to outlast the Ravens' furious charge on Thursday. It's good stuff.

Random Funny: Give a duo of college kids a few specific items. They'll need a computer, the Internet, an auto-tuner, and a way to record the news on TV. What do you get? Well......this. That song isn't really that random since it is pretty popular, but if you haven't seen it, it's based on an actual event in the news. It's fantastic.