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Game Recap: ATL vs BALT

Remember 2008’s Chicago game? This one might just beat it. Instant classic. INSTANT. Ladies and gents, this team will not be denied. They will absolutely not be denied. Seven and two, only the third time in franchise history we’ve gone seven and two at this point in the season. Enjoy it, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, and we now know: Ryan > Flacco. Also, a little epicness on the part of our retro unis: we’re undefeated when wearing them.

The Good

  • Matt Ryan put on a clinic, ladies and gents. Hope you took notes.
  • Roddy. Honestly, is there more to say? Yes he dropped some passes. But then he went and WON THE GAME. You’re welcome.
  • Gonzo!
  • Finn may be "old" by NFL standards but he is absolutely golden on third down.
  • The defense, at least the first half’s incarnation of it.
  • John Abraham KILLED Flacco

The Bad

  • Special teams kick coverage is still a bit icky. Boldin’s third quarter touchdown was set up by a long return.
  • The second half defense was just listless. Kudos for the Ravens for making the right adjustments, but we should’ve made some ourselves.

The Ugly

  • The announcing. Yech. Joe Theismann is horrendous at his "job."