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One Falcon To Watch: Roddy White

Every week before the Falcons game, I'll be selecting one player to keep an especially close eye on. This week, it's wide receiver Roddy White.

You're not supposed to be able to hurt Superman without kryptonite, but here we are.

Roddy White is banged up and listed as questionable this week, marking the first time this year that he may be something less than the invincible pass-catching machine we've all grown to love. Facing a Ravens defense with some talented playmakers—and here I am casting a fearful eye on Haloti "Nagi" Ngata and Ed "Ed" Reed—it's going to be imperative that the Falcons get a hell of a performance out of their offense to win this one.

White is still a huge part of that. I don't pretend to know how close to 100 percent he'll be on Thursday, though I can guarantee you'd have to cut him in half to keep him off the field. With Roddy in at close to full strength, the offense can show needed balance as they attempt to give the Ravens defense a Michael Turner enema. With Roddy fulfilling the Randy Moss memorial role and drawing coverage, they should be able to function at a high level. No Roddy at all doesn't necessarily mean Matt Ryan & Co. will struggle, but it certainly places the onus on Tony Gonzalez and Michael Jenkins to step up.

I'm predicting that Roddy does us as proud as he can in his semi-gimpy state and pulls in five passes for 50 yards and a touchdown. I predict Turner will have the big day for the Falcons, but it will certainly help if White is drawing attention away from him all day long.

Let's cross our fingers and watch closely.