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Tweets of the Game: ATL vs TB

After that bye week, sure seemed like the Falcons faithful were glad to have football back in their sights. Best of the best tweets are below.

At waffle house its the breakfast of champions - roddywhiteTV

I'll be damned if you steal my pre-game ritual. RT @TheFalcoholic Football is BACK. I feel like firing guns in the air - mFalcons5

Birds fly... boats sink... that's all I'm sayin. - FalconsJHicks

I don't ask for much, Football Jesus, but if you could find it in your heart to let Turner run for 400 yards, I'd be grateful. - TheFalcoholic

Falcons already pushing the weak Bucs D around. TD Michael Turner!! - EdGrohl

Michael Turner is a battering ram with wheels. - TheFalcoholic

I STILL can't believe Mularkey used the screen pass!! Poppa_Falcon

Wow that penalty hurt. DirtyBird4life

Falcons went with a 4-6 Chicago Bear look. Only problem, the blitz didn't get to the QB. He broke free on a mad scramble and got 19 yards! - AJCFalcons

Peterson sack!! That had to hurt - DShurrow

You could back Roddy White up to east Africa and he'd STILL get the first down. - TheFalcoholic

Noooooo! Roddy! MagicFalcon

Roddy White is headed back out onto the field. AJCFalcons

Finneran is like a spare tire in trunk; reliable. Poppa_Falcon



Best team in the NFC? Hmmmm... Wonder who that could be... ? FalconsJAdams

Raheem Morris, you are clearly the proud head coach of the best team in the NFC. You're so wise. - TheFalcoholic

Thank God Grimes is on special teams. That would have a TD on the kick off otherwise. - Technomonk13

Where the hell is the holding call there??? Scar988

Nice audible by Freeman. Caught us slipping. Poppa_Falcon

I was going to to say that Gonzo had his wheaties today, but it's more likely he had grilled tilapia and a seaweed-based protein shake. - TheFalcoholic

Nice grab by Brian Finneran. He had to turn around and make that one. AJCFalcons

Roddy White is leaving the field with the doctors. He didn't like the bulkier brace they tried to put on him. AJCFalcons

Im telling you guys. Snelling and Turner are THE BEST one two punch in the NFL. DirtyBird4life

Roddy White, John Abraham and Todd McClure hurt? Curses. - TheFalcoholic

Atlanta has run 32 plays for 232 yards, 17:36 time of possession out of possible 24:33 AJCFalcons

HORRIBLE COVERAGE by Dunta!! - Poppa_Falcon

C Todd McClure is BACK IN at center for the Falcons. FalconsDLevak

What the hell happened in the last 10 minutes? I feel like I went into cryo and emerged into a dystopian future where the Bucs are good. TheFalcoholic

GRAGGGGGGH TheFalcoholic

Boy....start with a roar and end with a whimper. DirtyBird4life

The USS Babineaux just intercepted a Josh Freeman missile. There were no survivors. TheFalcoholic

I'm calling BS on Morris' challenge flag. Not the fact he challenged, but the fact he threw it about 60 yards. Must have put rocks in it. FalconsDLevak

Man, nearly the whole #Falcons defense has an INT IAmGarySimpson

PALMS OF FURY! Touchdown @MGPalms Michael Palmer! TheFalcoholic

Does Weems actually return punts anymore or has he been replaced by a fair catch machine? Technomonk13

I love it when the Falcons score in my endzone. Can I get another please? FemFalconFan

And the award for most dramatic fall down to draw a pass interference goes to? DShurrow

So then the Falcons' special teams were all like "DURRRRRR!" TheFalcoholic

Falcons dodge major bullet. 1-10 at Tampa's 40. DirtyBird4life

UNspecial teams in the Dome today. Jamthedirtybird

Mike Mularkey is the kind of guy that gets a free cheeseburger and drops it in a toilet. TheFalcoholic

That's called making amends, courtesy of Brent Grimes. FalconsTroy

I'm going on EBay to look for a Special Teams coach. Poppa_Falcon

@Poppa_Falcon Don't get one with a dent in him. TheFalcoholic

It seems the Falcons want to give Tampa Bay every chance to win the game. Don't know why... jsgrayson

This game has that classic case of "letting a team hang around" going right now.... Ugh.... technomonk13

When you can't stop Cadillac Williams from gaining seven yards, you have given up hope entirely. TheFalcoholic

Bullshit call! That's a holding too! Scar988

YES SIR!!!!!!!!!! Defense gets a stop on 4th & 1 at the 2. ReidAdair

I have a headache once again in the 4th every other week. Thanks #Falcons! Keleland

The third best team in the NFC South. Thanks for stopping by. Jason__Kirk

Wrap it up Raheem. Falcons still #1 jamthedirtybird

Hey, @AJCFalcons, please ask Raheem Morris if the Bucs are still the best team in the NFC. ReidAdair