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Saturday Six Pack: Steamrolling Cleveland Edition 10/9/10

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Mike Smith heaves his challenge flag in desperation for a new image here.
Mike Smith heaves his challenge flag in desperation for a new image here.

Once again, I have failed to provide the interesting six-pack week-by-week image that I promised many moons ago, although this time it's because Linux is lame.


This week, we face the Cleveland Browns. Like the 49ers, the Browns are somewhat of an enigmatic team. They have some talent, but they have terrible luck. Here's to hoping we embarrass them in their own house and here are some links to get you through your Saturday.


DOL: Let's get this party started with a bit of a heart-warming story from D. Orlando Ledbetter. In this article he writes about how Roddy White wasn't getting the job done early in his NFL career and he also writes about Roddy's transformation during the Petrino era. It's a great read and it's great to see Roddy doing his thing. DOL also writes here about 5 big "what if"s that could happen this Sunday.


Sports Illustrated: Tom Withers of the Associated Press donates contributes to this article about the Falcons defense rising to the occasion to help out the struggling offense. This is a great read and a true testament to how far the defense has come in the Smith/Comrade era. This is a really special team, guys.

Off the record, if anyone knows of any (legal, free, etc.) image editing software that will work on Linux, please direct me to it, or shoot me an e-mail.) Reggie Roberts, the VP of Football Communications for the Falcons, has started a new weekly segment called "Behind the Facemask". In this week's segment, Reggie interviews Kroy Biermann, our fantastic, up-and-coming DE out of Montana.


USA Today: Jarrett Bell of the USA Today writes a great article here about how the Falcons have risen up in crunch time. I tell ya what, all this positive press is almost too much to bear. This is fun.


Fantasy Football: I found a website that looks like it's pretty legitimate help for fantasy footballers. The name of the site is Fantasy Football Sharks, and the link is here. The nice thing about FF is anyone can tell you anything about it and be either totally right or totally wrong. It's fun.


Random Funny: Because we're playing the Browns this weekend, I am giving you all a bonus random funny weekend. The first article is not really the funniest thing, but it is really neat and might summon a chuckle or two. Halloween preparations are starting to commence, and that includes carving some pumpkins. Link number two is quite possibly one of the worst plays in football history. The defense makes a quick play, heads for the scoop-and-score, but....?


Thanks all for checking these out. As always, I'm open to suggestions to make this a better experience for you all!