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A Look At The Falcons Red Zone Performance: Week Four

This post is sponsored by Xfinity and their NFL RedZone channel.  If you're looking to check out red zone action as it happens,  then you need Xfinity's NFL RedZone. Because Xfinity gives you wings.

Trying something slightly different this week. It was suggested in a FanPost by AU Falcon and elaborated on by tom slick, and I've decided to take my usual method of throwing all red zone scoring into a pot and mixing vigorously could be improved. So here we are.

Basically, you take the number of red zone points from field goals and touchdowns and divide them by the number of chances to actually score in the red zone. tom slick calls it RZ Scoring Average. I call it....well, the same thing.

The Falcons scored once in the red zone on a Matt Ryan-Harry Douglas touchdown pass, Ryan tossed a pick, Matt Bryant nailed a field goal, hit another field goal....and that was it. So not counting extra points, that's 12 points in four chances. That means that in the Falcons' red zone opportunities, they averaged just 3 points. Given how ugly the 49ers game was, that doesn't surprise me in the least.

Next week, I'll take a look at five weeks' worth of scoring opportunities and try to draw conclusions. Bring your helmets.