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Game Recap: ATL vs SF

And now that I can peek my head up from underneath the cloud of "busy" covering my noggin, I can give you my observations on what was certainly both a heart-wrenching and heart-lifting game Sunday. 

The Good

  • Roddy making very athletic grabs. Definitely in his pique.
  • Turner very effective on the RB dump/screen.
  • It was very important for Falcons to answer 49er’s punt-block-TD with a long scoring drive. That illustrated that this team is not shaken by the unexpected.
  • Defense very ball swarmy, very effective in backfield. They're fast and hungry for plays.
  • Eric Weems is a dynamite returner. I really want to see him break one for six.
  • Lofton is fantastic. 'nough said.
  • Roddy White refuses to lose, even if that means he has to play DB every once and a while.
  • Forget every negative thing I’ve ever said about Matt Bryant. 

The Bad

  • Blame D-Rob for the first 49er TD. He knew he needed to turn his head to watch for the ball. He didn't. That "spot-of-the-foul" mistake cost the team some major momentum.
  • There was a huge non-call on the blocked punt/TD: two players plowed right through Koenen.
  • Also, many many offsides calls were missed in the Falcons' first drive of the game. It was obvious the snap count was known by the Niner defense.
  • Tipped interception by Spikes and Spencer was caused by a zippy ball, as I call them. Ryan needed more loft on the pass to get it to where Gonzo and Gonzo alone could catch it.

The Ugly

  • Jim Mora Jr. should not be calling Falcons games. He’s entirely too biased to make a fair call.