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Report: Falcons May Get Seventh Round Pick For OL Quinn Ojinnaka

Mike Smith has to be laughing his way to the bank right now. It's not often the Patriots get swindled.

Of course, I'm using the word "swindled" about as lightly as I possibly can, because we're talking about very little coming back to the Falcons. Still, the Falcons got something in exchange for a player the Patriots held on to for only three weeks, one Quinn Ojinnaka.

You may remember Ojinnaka as a long-time project along the offensive line, who got praise for his versatility and not much else. The Falcons aren't exactly loaded with offensive line depth, but the Patriots came calling in desperation and it appears, according to ESPN's Mike Reiss, that a seventh rounder is on its way back to Atlanta.

Given how much the Falcons like to move and shake in the draft, this is a valuable pick. I also can't stress strongly enough how great it is that Ojinnaka is on the streets less than a month after the team made this deal. Chances are pretty good this will buy the Falcons another sixth round pick in the 2011 draft, and they've had success at turning those into decent players.

So yeah, I'm enjoying this. Are you?