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Falcon Erik Coleman Takes Benching In Stride

Just a little glimpse into team chemistry this Saturday.

I had wondered how Erik Coleman was taking the demotion. While tackles aren't the stat to gauge most defenders by, Coleman had shown himself to be a sure tackler and a decent enough player in general. After starting the last two seasons, I wasn't sure he'd be on board with this.


"I just wanted to stay focused and do whatever I could to help out my teammates," Coleman said. "I'm on some special teams, so I'm trying to go out there and contribute on special teams."

It's lip service to some degree, but Coleman is a pro. I think he recognizes that William Moore and Thomas DeCoud is the safety tandem to beat in Atlanta, and he's going to get his reps filling in for those guys when they  get banged up or just tired out. I'm sure he's not going to willingly stick around to be a backup when other teams probably still consider him a starter, but for 2010 he adds quality depth and he's being a good soldier about it.

That's about all we can ask for.