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Saturday Six Pack: A Dumb Boy Band Reference and Awesome Edition 10/30/10

Coach Smith throws his challenge flag in a violent rage because the new image is too large and has to be resized. :(
Coach Smith throws his challenge flag in a violent rage because the new image is too large and has to be resized. :(

Good morning, everyone. Today, I have the fortunate pleasure of delivering on my promise of a Triple Whammy!

Also, we have a new image, as created by the talented reader Kashberry! Everyone get hyped!

On that note, it has been a very quiet week for the Falcons and news for the team has been especially hard to come by. Heck, all I've really found is a bunch of AJC articles. Even Pat Yasinskas has let me down.

So, let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin' with a smattering of AJC articles and some other interesting tidbits!

DOL: The ever-reliant D. Orlando Ledbetter writes about Coach Smith's opinion on the 2010 rookies here. I think this crop is nearly as good as the 2008 crop. Naturally, it's hard to compare the two since you don't draft a potential franchise QB every year, but the defensive additions have been solid.

Mark BradleyMark Bradley of the AJC writes about how he thinks the Falcons are good enough for the Super Bowl, but he asks whether the Falcons know they're good enough or not? It's a pretty thoughtful post and it makes some good points. I do think the Falcons could make it to the Super Bowl, but I feel like they need to develop their edge a bit more before they'll be ready for the AFC.

Jeff Schultz: In continuing with the Triple Whammy theme, Jeff Schultz writes about how Roddy White's big game against the Bengals could be the sign of something much, much bigger in the Falcons offense. It also gives some good insight into the player/coach relationship as well.

CultureMob: Spencer Broome of CultureMob writes a review of the Falcons first half of the season here. He makes some interesting points, although I don't necessarily agree that we should have lost to the Eagles and Steelers. Jay Adams over at writes about the growing unity between the DL and how they've come to trust each other. This is a great story and it's a testament to how Coach Smith has built this team the way he wants it, and it's paying huge dividends already.

Random Funny: Our opponent this week is the dreaded Byes team. They're so scary, we're not even gonna bother showing up to their game. The Byes win by default, and they're undefeated this year, all while taking 4-6 teams on at the same time! Where do they draw their incredible strength from? I bet it's this song.

And with that, it's time for a weekend where we don't have to experience heart attack falcons and instead move to heart attack bulldogs! :P