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The Great Debate: Is It Time To Forgive Keith Brooking?

In this series of posts, I seek to find the answer to questions that are brought up around here or around the various sports conversation sites. I use a realistic, low-stat opinion to generate discussion about these topics, but I also encourage the use of stats in an argument.


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. As you can see, I'm pulling a Double Whammy and going two consecutive days of awesome debate postage! Then you get me tomorrow for the Saturday Six Pack for a Triple Whammy! Isn't this fun?!?


This is a bit of a special post, but it is something Jason and I debated about very briefly on another thread. I'm going to stay away from stats this time and leave it completely up to opinion.


As the title suggests, this is a post about former Falcon Keith Brooking. In this thread of Falconliness, there were votes all over the place. Most of the people who commented scored him relatively high, but there were some varied opinions.


Now I ask you all this simple question: It has been a few months since Brooking's thread, and the Falcons have enjoyed some success along with the Cowboys laying a typical Dallas Egg. Is it time we forgave Keith Brooking and moved on?


Follow me after the jump and let's talk about it!


There's no denying it. In a flash of.....irony, when you think of the Falcons defenses over the years, a few names come to mind: Nobis, Tuggle, Brooking, and now Lofton. All of those men are/were great linebackers, and all represented the Falcons in a I use the past tense, but The Police represents the Falcons in a most admirable way, too.


Unfortunately, I did not start following the Falcons hardcore until the 2008 season, which just so happened to be Brooking's final year with us. I do remember 3rd and 16 very well, but there's no way to know for sure whether he's totally to blame for biting on the run fake. After all, 16 yard runs have happened before, especially when the defense gets spread out.


I'll let you read the Falconliness thread for yourself, but his transition to Dallas was not smooth. He was very upset at how he was treated, even though he had his opportunity to hang around Atlanta. I'll echo my side of the debate with Jason. The NFL, as unfortunate as it is, is a business. Playing football at the highest level is not only a game, but it is also a business. The Falcons had given Brooking his chance, but I think 3rd and 16 left people with a horrid taste in their mouths, mine included.


We gave him an opportunity, and he decided to take his services elsewhere. That happens in this league. People want to get paid, so they go to either the highest bidder or their best hope for a ring. Keith, whatever his reasoning, went to the Cowboys. That's all fine and good, and I have no problem with him wanting to further his career in football.


What I do have a problem with is his lack of understanding that this league is a business. Falcon Nation loved and adored him. He was easily the most recognizable face on the defense, and was treated as such. For him to go to another team is one thing, but to make a fool out of himself against his former team was something that left a very, very sour taste. I understand why he would want to do it, but there's no real reason to do it.


We, as Falcons fans, don't need for him to prove anything to us. We've known how good he was for us, and the gloating and showboating only tarnished his image, in my opinion. There was simply no call for the extracurricular activity he felt so inclined to show us.


Personally, I'm certainly the kind of person that forgives people, almost regardless of the situation. However, Brooking, as great a Falcon as he was, has a permanent black mark on my opinion of him. I'm all for being excited for making a great play, but intentionally shoving it in your former team's face is just not the kind of thing I'd consider Falconly.


Have I forgiven Brooking? Absolutely, but until he gets right with this team, he's going to have a stain on his record that could've easily been avoided if he'd just manned up and accepted the deal for what it was, a business deal.


What do you all think? Have you forgiven Keith Brooking and moved on? Have you reconsidered and find Keith Brooking to be more Falconly now than you did back in June? What is your opinion of him now?


I look forward to discussing this with you all!