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Who Will Be The Atlanta Falcons Defensive MVP?

Hey, it's another discussion post!! Who doesn't love those?

Since we're nearly at the halfway point of the season for the Falcons, I thought it might be interesting to discuss the team's likely defensive MVP. We all know Roddy White is well on his way on the offensive side, assuming he's not beamed back up to his home planet of Awesomos, so I felt like that wasn't worth its own topic. Feel free to nominate others, if you're clinically insane or something.

The defensive side of the ball is pretty wide open. You could make a strong case for John Abraham, whose six sacks lead the team. Or you could argue for William Moore, who has done a little bit of everything and looked like an ornery cuss for good measure. Or you could nominate Kroy Biermann, because hell, that play against the Browns was amazing.

Discuss amongst yourselves!