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Falcons 39, Bengals 32: Quick Recap And Late Game Open Thread

I am celebrating with my good friend pale ale, so I'll make this reasonably brief.

A lot of the problems we've worried about all season were erased in this game. The Falcons scored 39 points, abusing a good Bengals secondary, and Michael Turner ran like the devil himself was pursuing him. Matt Ryan looked sharp in the pocket. Overall, the offense came out and stomped the Bengals. Badly.

The defense was the major concern today, and Carson Palmer ate our young secondary alive. Considering Thomas DeCoud and Dunta Robinson were hurt, I'm not as worried about this as perhaps I ought to be. The Bengals have a ton of weapons and were due a breakout game. Does that mean the D doesn't have some serious work to do before we meet up with the Tampa Bay Bucs? Hell no.

This is a win you can be proud of, either way. The Falcons move to 5-2 and we're now into bye week territory, which gives our beloved team a chance to rest up and heal up. In this case, suffering through a week without football is for a good cause.

Expect recaps from yours truly and our own Adam Schultz tomorrow. For now, use this to talk about the game (and Roddy White, who is Football Jesus in a Superman costume) and the slate of late games. Woohoo!