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Game Recap: ATL vs CIN

It was that kinda day, regardless of the final score.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
It was that kinda day, regardless of the final score. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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Roller coaster rides are rarely this entertaining or dismaying. The Bengals were down 21 points and then scored 23 points alone in the third quarter. With a defense slowly turning into swiss cheese as the game wore on, the Falcons managed to hold on and with John Abraham's last second sack of Carson Palmer, secured the win. The Falcons always have a knack for making games interesting.

The Good

  • The entire first half defense and offense.
  • Matt Ryan's improv skills. He certainly earned his Ice nickname today.
  • Roddy White and his career day. 11 for 201 and 2 TDs. Gameball is his.
  • Michael Turner and his return to form. 23 for 121 and 2 TDs
  • Brian Finneran on special teams is always a good thing. But now he's catching TD passes too!
  • Tony Gonzalez and his fantastic blocking skills.
  • Matt Bryant made a 53 yard field goal. Seriously, he's got some fire in his belly this year.

The Bad

  • The second half defense. I don't know exactly where they went during halftime, but it must've filled their rears with lead. They were unable to answer anything Cincy did in their no huddle and couldn't contain the short yardage passing plays.
  • CBS cutting away the moment John Abraham sacked Carson Palmer for the last play of the game. I understand your conference-affiliated team lost, but that's a bit ridiculous.

The Ugly

  • Hey refs. When a player has two feet on the ground and two hands on the ball, that's called having possession. Yes, I'm referring to Lofton's first forced fumble and Brent Grimes subsequent recovery and touchdown. Ugh. The NFL is full of bad calls, some of which effect the outcome of the game. Let's see the NFL get that under control as quickly as they did illegal hits.