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Saturday Six Pack: Going to This Game Edition 10/2/10

WOO!! Same old bland image that I need to change for some variety!
WOO!! Same old bland image that I need to change for some variety!

This week, I'm thinking illogically and blowing money to go to a Falcons game for the first time in two years. Those of you who are more intelligent than I can discuss it all on this wonderful site. That being said, I'm really psyched about it and I'm sure I'll have plenty of stories to tell. Anyway, let's start this Saturday Six Pack off right.


Pat Yasinskas: Regardless of your opinion of the man, Pat writes a good article here about the way Roddy White has become the top receiver in the NFC South. Just based on what I've seen so far, I have to agree with him. Steve Smith may be the most talented, but he's getting older and his QB situation is the absolute worst. It's a good read.


DOL: DOL writes about the Falcons red-zone destruction here, Mike Smith's cojones on fourth down here, and how the Dome has been successfully sold out for the Niners game here. It's a collaboration of articles of awesome!

Jay Adams: Jay writes here about how the Falcons just keep on fighting, no matter how tough the odds look. This is a good read, and it's a testament to just how much the Falcons trust each other and the coaches.


WXIA-TV: Here is an article about the cost of a new home for the Falcons. I know this is something that has been talked about a good bit and has been thrown around amongst the ownership. This is an interesting thing to think about, and it could be a sign of what's to come with stadium talks.


FF Today: Writer Doug Orth talks about which players have made the most out of their targets/touches per game here. It's an interesting perspective especially when considering it's about fantasy football.


Random Funny: Coy Wire and Roddy White decide to scare Falcons insider Niki Noto in this video. I gotta say, Coy Wire is quickly becoming one of my favorite Falcons. That guy has way too much fun.


As will be the norm from here on out, I'm always open to suggestions to make this better. I'll be sure to either take pictures or join you all in the game thread from my phone (if it'll let me.) so we can scream and yell about the Falcons together this weekend!


Also, I fail for not changing the six pack picture like I promised. I forgot I promised it until just now, where I have to be up in 4 hours to catch a plane to Georgia. it a rain check.