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Sean Weatherspoon Likely To Miss Falcons-49ers Game

The Atlanta Falcons' usage of the "questionable" continues to be....well, questionable.

Unfortunately, three Falcons will be listed with the big Q leading up to this week's game. At the top of my concern list is the fact that Sean Weatherspoon's ankle injury has now kept him out of all three practices this week. As I've said before, a guy who doesn't practice once all week is not going to play in the weekend's game, questionable tag be damned. Hopefully Stephen Nicholas will pick right up where 'Spoon leaves off.

Michael Jenkins still hasn't gotten in more than a limited practice and will likely be held out of a game the Falcons are widely expected to win. With his shoulder on the mend now, we eager (?) fans should see Jenks back on the field very soon.

Finally, Erik Coleman. If William Moore plays well against the Niners, Coleman may not have a job to come back to. If he plays at all this week it will probably be sparingly, and the Falcons could certainly benefit more from having someone like Trey Lewis active against Frank Gore than Coleman, especially with Brian Williams capable of playing a little safety if the need arises.

Oh, and extra finally, Brent Grimes is on the report for non-injury reasons, though he's probable. Let's hope everything's okay.

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