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Falcons Lose To Eagles 31-17 Postgame Thread

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Rough game.

The Eagles proved they are a better team than we Falcons fans gave them credit for. The Falcons proved they still have a lot of work to do. All you can do is be bitter about this one for a little while and let it go. This team will win more games this season, perhaps a lot more, but hopefully this is the only time they'll lose like that.

The Falcons now have to go back, take a very hard look at the film and see what they did wrong. There are an overwhelming number of things that need to improve, but it starts with the offensive line. Matt Ryan with more time makes better throws, Michael Turner actually churns up a little yardage and the Falcons maybe do a little more damage. From there, you fix offensive and defensive play calling, the secondary, the defensive line's baffling inability to sack Kevin Kolb behind a patchwork Eagles line and maybe that guy in concessions who sneezes on your nachos.

Like I said, it's a long list. But don't abandon hope.

Please discuss this throughout the evening, and we'll have piping hot recaps for you come tomorrow morning, plus hopefully some news about Dunta Robinson's condition. In the meantime, play nice, and feel free to talk about the 4 p.m. slate of games.