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Falcons-Eagles Second Half Open Thread

Thank God that was only the first half. Thank Vishnu for William Moore!

Please continue to discuss it here and hope the Falcons can keep up the momentum in the second half. 

Some quick thoughts:

  • Our offensive line is playing horribly.
  • Our defensive line is playing okay.
  • Our secondary is shaky.
  • Our special teams is playing horribly. 
  • IT'S ONE GAME! I know how insanely frustrating this is, but those of you talking like you're giving up on the season based on one game are being absurd. There are many, many things the Falcons have to take away from this one, no matter how it ends, but packing up for the remaining 10 games is NOT one of them.

    Also, please stop attacking each other. It disgusts me to see everyone turn on each other at the first sign of trouble. We're all Falcons fans. Act like it.

    Of course, now that the Falcons have done something good, I may not have to tell you that.