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Atlanta Falcons-Philadelphia Eagles Open Thread

There are football games, and then there are football games that give us insight into the very essence of an NFL team. The Falcons-Eagles game is the latter.

As mentioned earlier this weekend, both teams have a lot of prove despite being on or near the top of the scrap heap in the NFC this season. Suffice to say, a win here would go a long way toward silencing those naysayers who think that because the Falcons win by narrow margins, they should be 1-4. For those people, we have to let the Falcons do the talking.

Oh! And also our fists. Our fists are quite loquacious.

Here's hoping the Falcons get a great pass rush going, avoid the specter of Trent Cole, run all over the Eagles' defense and don't do anything stupid. Use this thread to discuss the game and pray for victory. See you kids after the jump.

Who? Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles, 1 p.m. EST

Where? Wherever The Eagles Play, Philadelphia, Philadelphiastate

Weather? Brisk and windy, but with a little sun.

Injuries? Sean Weatherspoon will almost certainly miss this one. John Abraham is questionable.

The Eagles will definitely be missing left tackle Jason Peters, and if Michael Vick plays at all, it will be sparingly.

Foe? Go visit Bleeding Green Nation. They won't throw batteries at you, I promise.

GO FALCONS! Let's divebomb these Eagles!