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One Falcon To Watch: Michael Jenkins

Every week before the Falcons game, I'll be selecting one player to keep an especially close eye on. This week, it's wide receiver Michael Jenkins.

When you've got a wide receiver who has missed the entire season, is returning to a floundering passing game and sharply divides a fan base, it's kind of hard not to pick him.

Yes, you'll want to watch Jenkins Sunday, if for no other reason than that he's finally returning to the field. Jenks is no savior, as I've repeated countless times in an effort to drive it into your collective skulls, but he's a competent wide receiver and blocker. The Falcons can always use both of those things.

Despite that less than ringing endorsement, I do think Jenkins is capable of making a significant difference in this game. If he hauls in a few passes, throws a couple nice blocks and draws attention away from Roddy White, Harry Douglas and Tony Gonzalez, he's doing his job well. In a game where Matt Ryan could be running for his life, the ability to magically draw coverage away from the team's most talented wide receivers because you're a tall dude in a Falcons uniform is a blessing.

Who knows? Maybe by underestimating Jenkins, I'll cause him to have the game of his career. Watch him closely in case it works.