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Saturday Six Pack: All I Want For My Birthday Is 5-1 Edition 10/16/10

Mike Smith throws his challenge flag in horror at seeing himself in the same picture eighty billion times.
Mike Smith throws his challenge flag in horror at seeing himself in the same picture eighty billion times.

Yes, there is a host of Falcoholic birthdays this weekend, including mine and Adam's. I won't make an "I'm old" joke here because I'd be put to shame by the vets on this board.


We've got a very important game coming up tomorrow against the Eagles, and, despite my belief that we can win, we are not the best of road teams. Hopefully the Falcons will deliver us yet another win.


That being said, let's get this Six Pack rockin'!


DOL: The ever-fantastic D. Orlando Ledbetter discusses the Falcons defense with Van Gorder and secondary coach Tim Lewis here. He also briefly discusses about Michael Palmer's first pro catch here.


Bleacher Report: BR previews the Falcons-Eagles game here. One thing I've noticed in researching this game is that the general consensus thinks the NFC is just terrible. The Falcons are the #2 rushing team in the NFL, and the 2nd best NFC rushing team is the Vikings, who are in 9th. That's crazy.


Jerome Bettis (SI): I respect this man, but he sure doesn't think the Falcons are legit here. It's kinda funny to say something like "I'm unimpressed." when the Birds have a quality road win (Saints) and two we-had-it-the-whole-time wins (Browns, Niners) but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Somehow-related-to-the-Falcons-man Steve Wyche writes about the NFC and how it's still a wide open race here. There have been tiny murmurs about the Falcons possibly being the best team in the NFC, and this is another one. It's pretty incredible to think "NFC's best" and "Falcons" in the same sentence.


Fantasy Advice: Dave Richard of writes about why he thinks the Saints are struggling, and then relates that to fantasy football terms here. He also gives his opinion on some other fantasy issues going on in the league right now.


Random Funny: Yankees manager Joe Girardi is unsure if CC Sabathia can make it to the mound on three days rest. Interestingly enough, I could see this happening.


Also, it looks like we're staying with Jason's image. That's alright, at least it's....Falconly.