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Friday Atlanta Falcons Injury Report, Week 6

It was the best of injury reports, it was the worst of injury reports.

Let's start with the good news. The 'Backer in Blue, The Police, The 5-0, The Fuzz Curtis Lofton is back to practicing fully and is considered probable for the Eagles game. The Falcons need him to handcuff LeSean McCoy as he attempts to flee with the rock. I really hope he yells "freeze!" at least once.

For the darker side of the injury report, join me after the jump.

Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Questionable

Damn. It's not so much that we'll be missing 'Spoon in this one that gets me. Stephen Nicholas is a badass and will most certainly pile up a number of tackles. It's more that I had hoped that 'Spoon would show some sign of recovering quickly from the knee sprain.

Now, I'm no mind reader. Mike Smith may well just be resting 'Spoon because he knows Nicholas can fill in. Maybe he's thinking about having a hoagie, wearing a top hat or sparring with the American Gladiators. Again, I don't know. But it does seem to me that 'Spoon would've gotten some kind of limited practice if he was even remotely likely to play, or if his knee was feeling good. I guess we'll have to see how this evolves next week.

Oh, and that questionable tag? Laughable. He's not playing.

John Abraham, DE, Questionable

It's critically important that the Falcons take advantage of lumbering King Dunlap, the Eagles' left tackle. That's what makes Abraham's limited participation in practice all week a little blood-curdling.

I'm not trying to piss on Lawrence Sidbury's parade, but the dude has been inactive most of the season. The coaching staff clearly doesn't believe he's ready to take it to the next level, or he'd be up on game days and getting some snaps. He's a talented kid and his quickness would be an advantage against Dunlap, but he's not John Abraham.

If Abe can't go—and this is one case where the questionable tag applies because we really don't know—the Falcons should be blitzing Nicholas like there's no tomorrow when there's an obvious passing down. The combined speed off the edge for Sid and Nickels would be troublesome, to say the least. Jamaal Anderson and Chauncey Davis can pick up the slack on rushing downs as needed.

Brian Finneran, WR, Probable

Finn practiced in full all week, which will mean he's limbered up to ride the pine. As long as Michael Jenkins is truly healthy, he'll only get a handful of snaps.

Justin Peelle, TE, Questionable

Unfortunately for Peelle, he hasn't been able to get in a full practice all week. Fortunately for the Falcons, Tony Gonzalez is healthy and Michael Palmer looks like he'll be able to pick up any slack for at least one week. Rest and come back to us, Peelle!