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Report: Eagles To Start QB Kevin Kolb Against Falcons

Kevin Kolb is no pushover, but he's in a lot more trouble behind a porous offensive line than Michael Vick would be.

Per ESPN's Adam Schefter, Coach Andy Reid has tipped his hand a couple of days early and said he will not start Vick against the Falcons. File that under good news, because the Eagles have a dangerously inept backup (improbably named King Dunlap) at left tackle, and the Falcons deliver a quality pass rush from that side of the line.

It's not time to declare victory just yet, of course. The Eagles have a ton of weapons, and Kolb can still pass to LeSean McCoy in the flats all day and take advantage of one of the glaring weaknesses of the Falcons' defense. If they want to make life difficult, they'll blitz early and often and try to harry Kolb, knock him down and get him jumpier than Super Mario on speed. They'll have ample opportunities to do so, and it may force him to make some bad throws that our secondary can conveniently grab on their way to the end zone.

Of course, Reid has refused to rule Vick out entirely for the game. If he's healing nicely, the Eagles might mix him in for five plays and try to make something happen. I guess. I'm skeptical that they're so desperate to beat the Falcons that they'd risk Vick getting planted in the turf by Jonathan Babineaux.

So this is good news, but not great news. Got that?