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Which Atlanta Falcons Defender Will Finish With The Most Interceptions?

A very informal contest for your consideration this Friday afternoon.

The Falcons' perch atop the interception rankings in the NFL got me to thinking about where our team will stand come the end of the season. Is it realistic to expect them to finish at the top after a full 16 games? Given their production and talent level, I'm going with yes.

I am interested to see who ends up leading the team in picks. I'm willing to cross Corey Peters off that list, because I'm a rebel and live on the edge of life. Dunta Robinson probably won't do it, either, unless he suddenly exchanges his emphasis on coverage for leaping recklessly in front of passes. Barring a miracle, it just probably won't be anyone from the front seven.

My money is on Brent Grimes finishing the season with six picks again, and that should be good enough for the team lead. Opposing quarterbacks aren't trying to pick on Grimes, which should cut down his pick total, but he's just such an athletic player and so good at  being around the ball that I fully anticipate he'll get his.

Add your picks and discuss in the comments. I'll see if I can brainstorm a budget-friendly prize for the reader who gets the correct player and closest to the correct total of interceptions.