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A Look At The Falcons Red Zone Performance: Week Five

This post is sponsored by Xfinity and their NFL RedZone channel.  If you're looking to check out red zone action as it happens,  then you need Xfinity's NFL RedZone. Because Xfinity is the second coming....of cable!

Remember when I promised you a stunningly detailed wrap of the first five weeks of the season, red zone wise? Remember that? Well, it's time you learned about cold, hard reality. There is no five week wrap coming.

Unfortunately, a truly insane day of work kept me from doing the research I needed to do in order to put that post together. But I'm still bringing you the Week 5 results....because I love you guys. Or something.

In their first trip to the red zone, which spanned the first quarter into the second quarter, the Falcons settled for a 24 yard field goal from Matt Bryant. Their next trip, they settled for a 30 yard field goal from Matt Bryant. The next trip, the Browns blocked a 30 yard Matt Bryant field goal attempt. I am getting tired of typing Matt Bryant.

That means that in a scant three trips to the red zone, the Falcons managed six points. Using the magic of RZ Scoring Average, that means they averaged a truly pitiful two points when they got inside the 20 yard line. Their only touchdown came from 45 yards out, when Matt Ryan hit Roddy White with an awesome pass. So that was cool.

Given that the Falcons only scored an average of three points against the 49ers the week before, you can see where the red zone offense is a concern for the Falcons. Fortunately, the Eagles have a pretty porous front seven, so those numbers should improve this week. Please let them improve this week.

Next week, I'll actually do a wrap of the season to date. Try to rein in your excitement.