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Tweets of the Game: ATL at CLE

Moore and babies!!! – scar988

Falcons serve up a hot, smelly load of three and out. – TheFalcoholic

Sam Baker is going to get our QB KILLED!!! How many SACKS has he given up ALREADY??? – Poppa_Falcon

Peyton Hillis, meet Corey Peters. – ReidAdair

Michael Turner running with purpose. Sounds like a Lifetime movie. – TheFalcoholic

Hold all you want, Cleveland. John Abraham will still get to Seneca Wallace. – ReidAdair

I <3 this defense. – TheFalcoholic

Mularkeys playcalling is horrendous. – DirtyBird4life

Roddy White is as open as the ocean. Dude's amazing. – TheFalcoholic

3 points ... not good enough – thedehaze

Falcons are getting torn to shreds on this drive by Seneca Wallace. Kinda like a mouse beating the shit out of a falcon. – TheFalcoholic

Here we go.....getting ROUGHED up by ANOTHER BACK UP QB. – Poppa_Falcon

Roddy White has found a weakness in the Browns' coverage. It's called Roddy White. – TheFalcoholic

OK, they tell QBs to never throw the ball across to other side of the field. But THAT WAS AWESOME. – FalconsDLevak

Burner Turner gets loose for 55 yards., longest run of the season. – AJCFalcons

defense can't do it by theirselves! – thedehaze

I wanna put Sam Baker in the headlock! Lol!! Dude makes me PULL MY HAIR!! – Poppa_Falcon

Hey, here's a bright idea, Falcons. Score! SCORE! SCOREEEEEEE! – TheFalcoholic

Roddy White doesn't exist on this mortal plane. He scores to make it 12-10 Falcons and ascends into outer space. – TheFalcoholic

Falcons could use Spoon today. Hope he comes back soon. – TheFalcoholic

You kind of knew Delhomme was going to throw a couple to Falcons, too. Just like the old Carolina days. – AJCFalcons

Jamaal Anderson gets a sack. In related news, what the hell just happened? – TheFalcoholic

Mike Mularkey just called what looked like a shovel off of a flea flicker. I must be incredibly drunk. – TheFalcoholic

Wow. What a play by Biermann! That's the play of the year. – JeffSchultzAJC

KROYS OUR BOY! – Apixels

THIS JUST HAPPENED: DE Kroy Biermann tips a Delhomme pass, intercepts & takes it to the HOUSE! Falcons lead 20-10 with 4 min left. – Atlanta_Falcons

Kroy Biermann puts the Kroy in Amazing. You say there's no "Kroy" in that word? There is now, damnit!- TheFalcoholic

Naa naa naa naa. naa naa naa na. Hey hey hey GOOD BYE!. Howbout dem Falcons? – L0rd91

The Browns aren't actually calling timeouts. Peter King has just caused a stoppage by rushing the field to call Biermann lucky. – Jason__Kirk

Everyone on the Falcons D will have a INT at this rate – IamGarySimpson

Teams that go deep in the playoffs have defenses that win games... Like the Falcons. – jmike811