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Wednesday Atlanta Falcons Injury Report, Week 6

A tip of my beer-stained Falcons hat to D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Thanks to DOL, we know that the information I received about Sean Weatherspoon was at least semi-accurate. The dude missed practice today and will again tomorrow, according to the official site's Jay Adams, but it's thankfully only a sprained knee. That's much more encouraging news than I was bracing for. With any luck, he'll be playing against the Eagles, but I do expect the Falcons to exercise caution with him. Stephen Nicholas should prepare to start another one.

The rest of the injury news, which you'll find after ye olde jumpe, is a little concerning.

Curtis Lofton, MLB, Limited Practice

Lofton's also having some issues with his knee, which concerns me. He's limited in practice and not out entirely, which encourages me. It's hard to confidently predict Lofton's fortunes for the Eagles game, but I do know he does not like to miss games unless parts are falling off. Look for him to start.

The alternative isn't as pretty. The Falcons don't have the same caliber of backup behind Lofton as they do 'Spoon, and the Falcons really need Lofton to put a stop to LeSean McCoy. I'm going to see if he practices fully the next two days before I panic.

John Abraham, DE, Limited Practice

We also need Abe, so I'll be watching this very closely. He's matched up against a putrid tackle situation for the Eagles, whose King Dunlap allowed four sacks last week against the 49ers. Without him, I'd expect Chauncey Davis and Lawrence Sidbury to get significant snaps, but they're just not the threat Abraham is. Hopefully he's back on the field full-time by tomorrow.

Justin Peelle, TE, Limited Practice

Less concerned about Peelle. He should be good to go, but the Falcons don't want to rush him back in a game where he's not likely to be featured. Michael Palmer should be able to pick up his slack for one week.