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Source: Sean Weatherspoon's Knee Injury Not Serious

I can't and won't reveal where I got my information on this, but I have good reason to believe that the knee injury Sean Weatherspoon suffered in the Browns game is not serious. According to my source, the damage was limited to swelling. Considering the dreaded MRI was involved here, the Falcons may have dodged the major bullet that could have come from ligament damage.

Swelling is a tricky thing. If he can't move around well on the knee, the Falcons will probably play it safe and let him rest this weekend. Stephen Nicholas has played well the last couple of weeks on fill-in duty and is a good enough athlete to deal with the threat of LeSean McCoy. With the bye week following the Bengals game, 'Spoon will have a chance to get healthy and be back to wreaking havoc in Week 9.

A quick word on this report. This site generally exists to offer analysis, discussion and a different take on the news. In this case, I felt I had a reliable source and the chance to give you guys some early information, and I elected to take it. If I'm wrong, you know where to find your pitchforks and torches.

We should get our confirmation on 'Spoon's status later today, but I'm pretty confident we'll be breathing a sigh of collective relief this afternoon. Cross your fingers with me.