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Playoff Open Thread: Saturday Slate Of Games

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It's that magical time of year when the Atlanta Falcons are not playing and you, true football fans to the core, must suffer through playoff games that do not involve your favorite team.

Today's set of games is not particularly inspiring, considering that the Bengals/Jets and Eagles/Cowboys were matched up last week. Still, football is football, and I like the Bengals as currently constructed enough that I'd like them to move ahead against the Jets. The winner of the Eagles and Cowboys game, on the other hand....I'm not too pumped up about one or the other.

Use this as your all-purpose thread for today's games, if you're inclined to talk playoffs. I may be popping in and out to join you, so keep it going full speed and we'll see where it takes us. I'll be posting a similar thread tomorrow and watching those games alongside you, so keep it locked onto The Falcoholic!