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Kicking Off The Off-Season Right: Talking Falcons, Draft, Features

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My apologies for the lack of contact over the last several days. The real explanation is a mundane one, so let's say I was busy wrestling alligators in the Everglades and tlozwarlock was fighting hordes of the undead armed with only a pocket knife and a can of beans. Yeah, that sounds good.

While I regain my bearings, let's use this thread as a clearinghouse for the months ahead. Talk about the Falcons as they are now, how you hope they will be through judicious use of draft picks, and what features you'd like to see for The Falcoholic as time moves along. tloz and I have some magnificent content planned out, but we'd like to make you guys happy, so onward and upward.This should keep you guys happy and healthy (?) until the morning, right?

Go to it, and my apologies again!