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A Very Falcoholic Discussion: Will Harry Douglas Overtake Mike Jenkins?

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It's the off-season, so it's fun to debate what's ahead as though we have some idea of what it's going to be. It being a Saturday, I figured a discussion about Harry Douglas and Michael Jenkins might be a good one to have.

Basically, this is to determine who is going to be holding down the spot opposite Roddy White in 2010, because there's one receiver who clearly isn't going anywhere. On the other side, you have a choice between the young, explosive and super-talented Douglas, who lost an entire season to injury, or Michael Jenkins, stalwart, big, and an incredibly capable blocker. Because what they bring to the table is so disparate, you really need to decide what you look for in a #2 receiver. Would you rather have a guy capable of stretching the field or a tall target in the red zone? Can't have both, in this case.

Discuss away and we'll feed our brains.