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A Falcoholic Fireside Chat

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As many of you have figured out, Dave and I share a lot in common. We both went to college for (roughly) the same major, we share the same birth year, and we both rabidly obsess over and revere the Atlanta Falcons. We're still quite different. For one, he loves baseball and I could do without it (cardinal sin, I know). He's a [darn] yankee and I was born and raised in the good ol' South. We chat a lot, and today I thought I'd pull back the iron curtain we shroud our talks in and let you in on what we're talking about. Not surprisingly, a lot of it has to do with the Falcons. Who knew, right? I've condensed, contexted, and in some cases, reworded (for sense's sake) our most recent palaver.

Dave the Falconer (DTF): [Falcons fans rooting FOR or AGAINST the Saints has] become a sore subject.

tlozwarlock (tloz): Yup. I'm detecting a very divided fanbase. The silent ones seem ready to support the Saints. Those with the power to type are opposed, however.

DTF: Yup. Except us, we bastions of... something.

tloz: Funny how the two dudes who write and run the site, supposedly the most diehard of Falcons fans, are totally with the Saints.

DTF: Haha, go figure.

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DTF: My Chris Owens review is up.

tloz: WOOOOO! I'm assuming he got a "B" before I go read.

tlozwarlock reads

tloz: Yup, right on the money.

DTF: lol Good guess.

tloz: I totally agree with it, on the whole.

DTF: Preparation H feels great, on the whole.

tloz: Wrong "whole" I think.

DTF: Oh right.

tloz: But I dunno about (Brian) Williams not being back.

DTF: I really don't think [he'll be back].

tloz: I do agree, though, that Houston will have his work, and his contract, cut out for him.

DTF: Yeah, he and JA98 have a lot to prove...still

DTF: I'm starting to think that draft class isn't as good as hoped.

tloz: I'm starting to agree with you.

tloz: Williams and Peterson could be gone.

DTF: I think Peterson will [be back].

tloz: [If they are both gone] that would mean we'd take a LB in free agency or draft. That'd open up talks about Rolando McClain. Many have already said we may be looking at Mike Johnson [of Alabama] for G; to help keep the interior rush in check. I mean, he did clear the way for the Heisman winn[ing running back Mark Ingram].

DTF: We need the help at guard.

tloz: I think outside of Tebow, there's not much at top [for this upcoming draft]. And even Tebow is questionable. I don't see him making it in the NFL as a traditional QB.

DTF: I don't either. The best QB in the draft is probably Tony Pike. People hate him because he's a big, upright, strong-armed QB.

tloz: [Tony Pike being the best QB] just sounds wrong.

DTF: But so was Ben Roethlisberger. He's so big!

a few lewd jokes later...things get weird

DTF: A wise man once said that peppermint is the cleanest of God's fuels.

tloz: A dumb man once said "every two child did, I will."

tloz: There was once a chef named Delicimo En Fuego Con Carne.

back to the draft talk!

DTF: We HAVE to draft QB Mike Kafka, out of Northwestern.

tloz: ??

DTF: I would beat that joke until it found a battered shelter. If he ever got into a game, I could say "He's undergone quite the metamorphosis into a starting quaterback, but something's bugging me..."

tloz: lol That horse would be a bloody stump when you were done.

DTF: There would be no more blood left in that stone.

tloz: Might even be a fine, commercial grade powder [when you finished], that you could sell by the kilo.

DTF: MMM, kilos.

tloz: Call it Kafkaesque; it'd be the latest craze.

DTF: And we'd all do the Charleston!

tloz: And play gin rummy until we fell asleep! Let's go hit on some flappers!