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ITT: Win A Cool Falcons Hat!

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Yes, it is that time yet again. Time for me to give away some Falcons stuff! Seeing as it's the offseason, and our bitter rivals the New Orleans Saints are going to Miami, I'm going to make this giveaway a bit harder.

What am I giving away, you ask? Remember those nifty (and well made) "Defend the Dome" Falcons hard hats given away during the Chicago game in October? Three of them have landed in my lap and I wanna share em. The mission, should you choose to accept it...

I wanna hear the story (3 paragraphs or more, please) of how and/or why you're a Falcons fan. The three best entries will be published in a story here on the front page and their authors will be shipped one of these nifty hardhats. I'll update this post later with a pic of the hat. It's black with a Falcons logo on front and the Ford Defend the Dome logo on each side. It's a full hard hat and is adjustable to fit any size noggin.

Email me your stories and I'll announce the winners in a few days.