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Saturday News And Notes: Tackling The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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This is it, Falcon fans. If you aren't excited by now, you're never going to be, so let's jump into the links as we wait to find out if our beloved birds will go 9-7.

  • For me, nothing's more encouraging than when someone like Atlanta Falcons Examiner Daniel Cox writes that the players are aware of the history here and are embracing the chance to get the franchise and fans that elusive winning season. I refuse to bet against them.
  • Kind of a weird move here. The Falcons inked punter Danny Baugher to the practice squad, which I assume means there's some concern about Michael Koenen's status. Not enough so at this point that they've announced he's not going to play, so Baugher could just spend a few days on the practice squad before the season ends. Because he's such a valuable weapon, I'm really hoping Koenen is ready to go Sunday.
  • Speaking of injuries, this report almost me laugh out loud. Every single player is questionable? Even Michael Turner, Who didn't practice all week? It's like Mike Smith looked over his head while fielding a question from a report and just said "flip a coin, dangit!"
  • Tyson Clabo really wants to be a Falcon. It'd be a huge blow to the depth and strength of our line if we lost he and Harvey Dahl, so I'm hopeful the team can work something out. It helps when a guy actually buys into what you're trying to do, as well.
  • It's been an awfully disappointing year for the Tampa Bay Bucs, a team I cautioned in the off-season shouldn't be ruled out as I apparently took a hearty sniff from a giant bottle of glue. Still, at least their rookies have contributed. Josh Freeman in particular looks like he'll blossom into a quality NFL quarterback sometime next season.