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Atlanta Falcons Drew Bigger Television Audience In 2009

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Good news, everyone! People like the Falcons!

According to the fine folks at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Falcons have seen a meteoric rise in ratings over the past two years, so like a meteor that it's going up instead of falling to earth. Somewhere, a great writer of metaphors is spinning like a top in his grave.

Obviously, this speaks to the product the team is putting on the field, which has been better the last two years than it has been in a while now. It also speaks to how fan-friendly the organization is, with things like open training camp sessions that are unique in the NFL. Plus they have snazzy uniforms, which helps.

In an off-season where news is scarce, at least this is encouraging. A team that gets better ratings and better attendance is a team more willing to sink money into its players and into its community, and Atlanta can always use more of that. So cheers, Atlanta Falcons! May you appear on our magic boxes much more often in 2010.