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Falcons Sign Versatile Lineman Dan Klecko

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Even in the off-season, this is a team that doesn't like to take a lot of time off. Proof? They went out and signed former New England Patriot Dan Klecko Monday.

Klecko's bounced around a bit in the last couple of season and at 5'11, 275ish pounds, he's nobody's idea of a nightmare at fullback or defensive tackle. Still, it's the simple fact that he has that positional versatility that makes Klecko such an interesting player for the Falcons, who would probably love it if he could worm his way into the back end of the defensive tackle rotation and back up Ovie Mughelli at fullback. At 29 years old, he's not so ancient that this signing is doomed to fail, either.

Like Kroy Biermann kicking off a few weeks back, this indicates the Falcons' commitment to looking at players in different ways, or at least kicking the tires on those guys who have proven they can do more than one thing reasonably well in the NFL. While his size makes him a true tweener at defensive tackle, it's worth remembering that a similar kind of player by the ducky name of Josh Mallard put up a huge season in limited duty back in 2006, piling up four sacks and four forced fumbles. I'm not saying Klecko can or will do that, but the team is clearly committed to getting deeper in the off-season and I think the defensive line is as good a place as any to start looking at that.

Your thoughts on Klecko? Does he make it to camp, or onto the team? Isn't his name fun to say? Klecko Klecko Klecko.