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Playoff Open Thread: Sunday Slate Of Games

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Congratulations to the Dallas Cowboys and New Jersey New York Jets, even if I wasn't rooting particularly hard for either of them. Such is life in the NFL.

Today brings an interesting set of games, starting with the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots at 1 p.m. For the Falcons fan living in New England, I have to say that I'd prefer to see the Ravens march onward. This isn't the best Patriots squad in recent memory and I've developed a lasting envy and rage over their recent success, so I'm going to go with the Ravens in this one. As always, the Patriots remain difficult to beat.

For the late game, I'm going to root hard for the Green Bay Packers, the official team of the official Falcoholic brother. That has as much to do with the fact that I want them to win as it does that the Arizona Cardinals beat us in the playoffs last year. The winner of that game goes on to face the Saints.

So join me here for football action all afternoon at The Falcoholic. You'll be glad you did!