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The Miami Dolphins Game Discussion: Get Pumped!

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In case I've forgotten to mention this, Jamaal Fudge was cut in the wake of Brian Williams' signingThat resolved, we can all go back to our dreary lives.

This here thread is sort of a bridge, albeit one made of paper and string, between the present and questions with The Phinsider, great content from co-blogger tlozwarlock and my own usual pre-game ramblings. No pressure, tloz.

For those of you who haven't joined the discussion-type threads here before, this basically serves as a clearinghouse to talk about anything even remotely related to the Miami Dolphins game. Do you think Matt Ryan is going to torch the team's young secondary? Are you planning on heading to the game and looking to meet up with other fans for tailgating? Did you really, really enjoy Flipper? Then you're welcome here.

I'll get things rolling by mentioning that I think this is going to be a high-scoring game, and I'm going to break my only rule about terrible predictions and call for something like a 31-27 Falcons win. The biggest threat in this game will be from a balanced Dolphins offense, with at least four quality receivers who could create matchup problems in our secondary, and the Falcons will similarly attempt to bludgeon Miami with Michael Turner and a healthy dose of Matty Snowballs. There will be no survivors.

Go to it, all!